Canções que me marcaram em 2009 (da melhor maneira possível)

Crack the Shutters- Snow Patrol
Magnificent- U2
Use somebody- Kings of Leon
The Fear- Lily Allen
Ordena que te ame-Mundo Cão
I hate this part- The pussycat dolls
Love remains the same- Gavin Rossadale
Crazy- versão Alanis Morrisette
If I never see you again- Maroon5 com Rhianna
David Guetta- When love takes over
Wonderful- Gary Go
I could say- Lily Allen
Just say yes-Snow Patrol
If today was your last day- Nickelback
We are the people-Empire of the sun
In for the kill- La roux
Selfish Love- Pedro Cazanova com Andrea
Lost- Coldplay
Counting down the days-Natalie Imbruglia


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