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For those who've never been to Lisbon all I can say to describe it in one word only: LIGHT  It doesn't matter if it's winter time or summer. The city will always be recognized through its light. I have no idea if it is because of the (mostly) white buildings, pale colors that characterize so much almost all of the metropolitan region or because the river (Tagus) reflects in "his" course all of the sun that carries from a long distance. It all confers a mystic soul for the (so I call) "lisboners".  Yes, we are a sailers country - woman of a certain era wore black for those who were taken away by the sea - it still happens from now and then. Fisherman who don't return to their homeland, wifes without their husbands, children who grow up without their fathers. But we are also a country of conquerors, of brave people - who took their Life, Faith (Fado - that magical word) and Courage to the limits of an unknown sea.  The Light it is also within our …